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Robert I. Donovan P.C. is a law firm dedicated to the representation of the client in conformity of the client's best interests.

Admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1980 after having worked in the State Court of Cobb County under Henry Williams,Clerk of Court, Robert Donovan started with the law firm of Huff & Moore, PC., where he worked for two years until opening his own practice in 1983. Robert's practice has been primarily domestic relations, criminal and will & estate matters.  

In 1986 Robert was sworn in as the Prosecuting Attorney of the Marietta Municipal Court where he continues today as its chief prosecutor for the city of Marietta.  Such appointment  is not an elected position and he is currently in his seventh appointment under sixth Mayor.  As Prosecutor, his duties involve the prosecution of traffic and zoning matters that occur within the city limits of Marietta. 

In addition to his responsibilities with the city he handles a general practice which includes criminal defense, divorce, and estate litigation.  These areas comprise approximately one half of his time  in his practice and he is a member of the Georgia & Cobb County Bar Associations as well as the Georgia Family Law Section.

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