Monday, February 18, 2019
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Department of Motor Vehicle Safety-Revocation, Suspension and License Administration, Post Office Box 80447, Conyers, Georgia  30013             678-413-8400


Resulting from failure to comply with terms of citations (failure to appear): 

When a licensee fails to appear on his or her court date on a traffic ticket it is usual for the court to cause a suspension of that licensee to be suspended until the ticket is resolved.  A court or DMVS (Department of Motor Vehicle Safety) suspension remains active until at least two events occur.  First, the court which started the suspension must complete a form stating the case is completed or the suspension is withdrawn AND secondly, the DMVS receives that notice from the court PLUS DMVS receives a reinstatement fee.  The proof of completion of the case is usually in the form of the licensee submiting a DPS Form 912 after the clerk of the court has signed it declaring the court case is no longer pending.  This form is then taken either by mail or in person to one of the below addresses for reinstatement.  If by mail the reinstatement fee is $25.00 and if in person $35.00.  We suggest that it be taken to a full service facility in person as sometimes there are problems which the licensee is not aware of and the lag time of being told that there is an additional problem is very frustrating.

Georgia is a member of the non-resident violator compact which provides that Georgia licensees may have their Georgia license suspended by an out-of-state court for failure of the licensee to appear in court to resolve the ticket.  These other jurisdictions have agreed to suspend the operating privileges of their residents who have failed to appear in Georgia courts.  Drivers from out of state should contact their state department responsible for issuing licenses but the process is similar only the licensee's state needs to recieve the DPS 912 and reinstatement fee.

All other suspension or revocations of  licenses:  Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety  for information concerning the suspension/revocation period, reinstatement fee and requirements and limited driving permit during the suspension period.

Mail-In Reinstatement MUST be mailed to:     DMVS, P O Box 80447, Conyers, Georgia  30013

 Full Service Department of Motor Vehicle Safety REINSTATEMENT OFFICES:

DMVS Headquarters, 2206 East View Parkway, Conyers

North Cobb CSC-86; 2800 Canton Road, Suite 1000, Marietta

Marietta CSC-56; 1605 County Services Parkway, Marietta

Lithonia CSC-67; 8040 Rockbridge Road, Lithonia

Norcross CSC-64; 2211 Beaver Ruin Road, Suite 100, Norcross

Dalton CSC-5; 104 South Thornton Avenue, Dalton

Gainesville CSC-6; 1010 Aviation Blvd., Gainesville

Dublin CSC-20; 1504 Telfair Street, Dublin

Waycross CSC-22; 3029 Memorial Drive, Waycross

Athens CSC-32; 1505 US 29 North, Athens

Milledgeville CSC-33; 200 Carl Vinson Road, Milledgeville

Albany CSC-40; 2062 Newton Road, Albany

Savannah CSC-42; 1117 Eisenhower Drive, Savannah

Augusta CSC-51; 3423 Mike Padgett Hwy, Augusta

Macon CSC-53; Central City Park, Willie Glover Blvd., Macon

Columbus CSC-55; 8397 Macon Road, Columbus